Theme Park, first sprint

So this week is our second week after starting to use the scrum and time for second sprint. I started with finishing all the still images for all 8 angles on the kids, both idle and slide state. I did not have time to draw “that special kid” yet, that will have to wait until I´m done with all the basics needed for alpha. I really hope I´ll get time to implement it tho. it would add a lot of personality to the penguin babies if they are not all the same. The reason I had to draw so many angles is the view on our game. If it was top down or side scroll it would be much simpler.

turn around penguin kid, remake 8

slide all directions

I also started with the design of the mother and after finishing all the baby animations I will go over the same procedure with her.

mama penguin

I gave her different coloring, very much like in real life in order to be able to tell her apart from the kids. She will of course be much bigger as well.

The waddle animations are made first and then I will start the slide animations. This is because the slide animations are harder to make and I hope the team will have the game somewhat finished so that I can finally know how big my penguins will look on screen. This is very important because then I will know how much I will have to exaggerate the animations and so on. Otherwise I might have wasted a lot of time on something that will not even be visual in the game. And remakes will have to be done. I am glad that it is penguins and not huge killer robots with a million details at this point.

kid-waddle-back kid-waddle-right-backkid-waddle-front-gif kid-waddle-rightkid-waddle-front-right

I still have some changes to make, like perhaps a little more flapping wings. It looked quite static even with the tilting back and forth without the flapping of the wings. I am currently experimenting with what works the best, being new to animation as I am.  Well time to get to work! Wish me luck and I will “see” you soon! 🙂 / Noomi

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