Overhauling a big part of the project seems to be standard in my team projects by now. Our game designer felt that the game was contradicting while testing it on the pad. The sliding was much more fun than making the ice and the game play felt wrong. So he came up with the idea of 2-4 penguin mothers fighting over 1 baby in a arena. In real life the penguin mothers actually do steal each others babies when losing their own.

So, now the idea is somewhat different. There will be an arena where the penguins will fight over the baby. We thought about making rounded corners so that the players can not  just grab a baby and go stand in a corner, making the baby impossible for the others to steal. The players will have to bump in to the penguin holding the baby, but not just anywhere, it has to be right at the arms holding the baby to get it.

In order to spare myself from a ton of unnecessary work I will reuse as much as possible. The finished penguin kid animations will now be used as the mother penguins fighting over the kid. This means I will have to change them a bit so that they can be told apart visually while playing. The Game designer suggests different colors but I am not so sure I like that idea. I would rather add some prop to each penguin to make them more humorous. Something giving a little persona. Time will be the judge of what I can make for now and I will have to focus on the basics. The game needs to look wonky to succeed with this new game play. With that said I now have to change the waddle animations of the penguin that I have finished and come up with a new baby penguin that they can fight over. I made some concepts of the new baby and started to work out how to tell the penguin mothers apart.

kid 4 kid 5 kid1 kid2 kid3

I think we will go with the big eyed penguin and maybe make it a bit more derp. The mothers will also have to get a more annoyed look to them but in a funny way. This is because that they will be wobbling around, fighting to get the baby.


Back to square one almost. Time to go and work! See you around and hope we have something playable on Thursday. /Nayomi

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