Baby squeek at the start of the week


Today I continued with remaking the already started animations so that the mothers can steal the kid in all directions. I also made this animation you see above for when the baby is left alone on the ice.

waddle-with-kid-north-west waddle-with-kid-south-west waddle-with-kid-west waddle-with-kid-south-east

Now my problem is that the face is hidden while holding the baby in this angle. We have to give them all different features to tell them apart. I would like to go all in on “suburban mothers” like in old movies, you know, hair up in rolls and leopard leggings sort of style. I also have to do some touch ups once the basic are finished. I am going to make sure the light striking the characters are angled correctly and some more movement in the animations. for example making the baby feet flapping around while being carried by the mother. All those little things brings the characters more to life and make them feel less static. I am still a bit stressed because of the overhaul but hopefully I will be able to finish the penguin animations fast enough to make it before alpha.

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