Wednesday, day before Alpha

Today is the day before alpha and we have to crunch pretty hard because of the overhaul. The good thing is that we have come much further than we had with any other idea. Which is comforting. Today I am just making as much as possible so that we have something playable at the alpha. Like making a win state and hp bars to make it able for the players to keep track of who is winning and so on. Everyone is working hard and it feels a lot better than at the start of the week.

I managed to finish the basic animations for the penguin holding the baby. Now I am working on the “skipping” animation for when they make a quick turn and lose their grip with the feet. I also made the hp bars and menu / start screen.


hp bars quick-turn-south


Also, making water was not easy. I will have to try and figure out a method before beta.

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