Big Game Project


Hello, good day or good evening!

Let me tell you about BGP (Big game project). It is the final and biggest course of this semester. It is almost like “Theme park”, the course we had about the same time last year when we made “Save the Penguins”. If you don’t know about it, you can read about it in earlier blog posts.

Save the penguins trailer

We had about 10 weeks to create a game last year, this time we only get around 6.  Also we were all encouraged to come up with a concept each and then people could apply to join you if you have a concept that got approved. So. This is what I came up with.


Kei Early logo


























This is Kei, Kei likes games. All kinds of games actually, as do most of her friends. But Kei is not welcome in GameTown anymore. In fact, she quickly realizes that most of her friends are not welcome there anymore either. “That’s not fair!”, she says. “Games should be for everyone!” And so she embarks on her quest to reclaim GameTown and open its gates to everybody.

This is intended to be something more than just a game for fun. Kei will take you through a journey a lot of girls will recognize when they decide to be a part of the gaming society. The intention is not to represent everyone’s experience but rather to take some of these issues and gradually introduce them through an action rpg format like for example conveying the feeling of being unwelcome even if it’s not said directly through environmental and character shape design. It is still pretty culturally accepted that games would be a “guy’s thing” even though that is really ridiculous.

– The Game is a 3D action RPG. Actually it is a social justice warrior game, literally.


The first week

So I managed to get a team together and we just had our first week of working together. The start is always the most difficult I think. It is when everything that needs to be decided and put down in a backlog. Everyone needs to get a common vision and work towards the same goal. I got a team of seven, myself included, so I really need to communicate the vision to the team. We started out with talking about the groups strong and week points to give everyone an area of responsibility. This way people knows what to do and what the others are doing. We did a style guide and a walk through of the game on the whiteboard so that we could decide in detail what we are going for. After that I created a draft of our backlog. Then I had to start on the game design document. And here we are today (Saturday). I just started on the concept art for Kei so that I can start modelling her as soon as possible. Our goal is to get everything implemented by our Alpha deadline which is 28/4.  We need to implement everything so that we can test it and find out what we haven’t thought about. Then hopefully the rest of the period will  be about polish and iterating the mechanics so that they feel great.


kei turnaround.png

We are aiming for a low poly stylized style so the character will not be too detailed. I really hope I can get her looking great. Until next week!


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