The two final weeks

Time runs so fast! Last week I had to redo Kei since her bone hierarchy got messed up while creating her the first time. That meant that Unity did not see her as a “Humanoid” and messed up her animations so that she started to cut herself through the head and such which frankly my dear, isn´t really what we are going for here. When the character was floating around a bit too much with her feet in the animation we tried to bake her animation so that she wouldn’t “waddle” around as much which caused the head cutting behaviour. I snapped a picture while testing it out and it looked something like this:


I swear that my animation did not look like this when I made it.
So, I decided to remake her rig and skinning so that the issue would be solved. Rigging is when you create the skeleton for the mesh, then skinning is when you assign the mesh parts to the bones, which bone affects what parts of the mesh. This is what makes the belly jiggle and cloth to move correctly as well. I noticed that when I sent the file directly from 3D´sMax to Motion builder, and then updated the skinning I got an error that gave me an extra bone each time;


So eventually I got a unicorn. The only thing I had to do was to restart Motion builder without saving and then resend it from 3D´sMax again and the issue was solved.
Once I finished her new rig and skin it was time to animate her animations again (third time does it right?)  This time I also put two extra bones in the middle of her palms so that the sword can be put there in unity, thus following her hand without being stuck directly to her palm. The weapon can thereafter be switched to another weapon, still assigned to that palm bone. Now it started to look like we got something;


I sent the sword mesh from 3D´s Max into Kei´s scene and put a parent – child constraint to it so that I could animate with it and see what it will look like. Then, when I was done with the animations, I saved the file, deleted all things unnecessary like the poses, the sword (the sword shall be assigned to the palm bone in Unity instead of within the animations) and materials and then exported her animations. Now it was ready to be used in Unity. Unfortunately the animations were still being messed up by the settings needed and I couldn’t figure out why. It took me 8 hours but I managed to solve it at the end of the work day. Turns out that I had to set her and her animations to “Generic” instead of “humanoid” in Unity for it to work. And then a bunch of small boxes than needed to be checked or unchecked of course, which I had to test my way through to find the working receipt.

We managed to put the scene together but still have a lot of small fixes to be done, and we need to implement the final boss as well. Time is really running out but I believe that we can do it. Hard work indeed. Here are some screen shots of what we got so far;


We now have

  • A working town build
  • One and a half working enemies (one needs to be tweaked)
  • One working Kei with animations for all three weapons
  • Three weapons, (one needs to be fixed in size)
  • A GUI
  • Two weapons working in game and the third, ranged one needs to be fixed in code.
  • Sound for Kei, effects and the final boss. They just need to be tweaked in code to work.

So we really have to step up the game this week. We need to skin and rig the boss, then animate him. He will only be sitting and then falling down and waddle so it is way less complicated than an actual walking, running human. Animate the robot arms.  Fix the textures in town. Fix the fail state (like the screen where you die). And also the win state. And probably a lot more that I can´t think of at the top of my head. So wish us luck and we will hopefully see you at GGC the 21:th – 23:rd of May!

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