Final week

So here we are my friends. Final week already? Wow, the planning did not work out the way I planned. I´ve been pondering this last week about how things have been going so far. I am the product owner / producer of this project and the “boss” so to say. I had it all planned out and thought that I could avoid a lot of problems through my planning. I made sure that we only worked Mon- Fri, eight in the morning to five in the evening and then everyone would go home and relax. And of course I didn’t follow my on planning and worked weekends to now find myself at the edge of being burned out. It is not just this course, the entire semester felt like it was intense. Anyway, I shall get to my point. Things did not turn out the way I planned and the game is very very far from being done or what I had in mind. But that´s okay. This time has not been waisted because we all learned so much. And really, how could we ever get to the point of really creating the game the way we want it if we didn´t learn how to do it first? I know everyone wants to win awards and show up their great games at Gotland Game Conference (were we all show off our final projects/games). But this project will be continued after GGC and hopefully be something awesome. I hope we managed to create enough so that the basic message shines through when people play the game during the conference.

And now, how did it go last week you wonder? Well, after the little troubles of redoing Kei and learning how the animator and animations work in unity I finally started to get somewhere. But then, I ofcourse had to create my presentation and the trailer for the game. So once more I can not actually work on the game itself. I did not know how to create the trailer so that also had to be learned by doing. But now The trailer is almost done. I will finish the trailer tomorrow when I can record the final in game clips needed, so unfortunately I can´t show you all of it now. But here is a preview of the text clips that will be shown in-between movie clips of the game or a scene with Kei;


Tomorrow I will go through my presentation and the do what ever needs to be done that no one else is doing during the last couple of days before GGC. I will upload the trailer once its done. Until then! /Nayomi


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