The end of Big game project


Time really does fly. I don´t even know where to begin! The project development has gone up and down and been both great and really hard. The first thing I think about when it comes to BGP (big game project) is that nothing ended up like I had planned when I wrote my first blog post. The goal was to be smart in advance and plan with room for error and so that the project would be completed before the deadline, which would allow allot of play-testing and polishing. Did it end up working like that? Absolutely not.



This was my first time as a producer but not as a leader. However it was pretty hard for me to mould my role into the perfect producer role. I want to be a part of making things like in physically creating it, and creating a pitch or planning does not feel like a contribute to the actual game even though it was necessary for this course. So I tried too much to do both which I think ended up not helping a much as if I would have just stuck to the “producing/ leading” part. It became more and more clear that a project, especially with 7 people, needs to have one person that follows up on people and makes the vision 100% clear all the way. This concept was created in like 2 days so a lot of the minor things had to be decided while being in production. May be I should have just not worked on the game it self and sit down to work more on the design and getting that right while the team were still creating the basics. I trusted in my team members and gave them very free creativity with creating things. They created their great assets and/or textures etc, and even if they were great on their own it might not necessary mean that it becomes something great when put together. Especially not without a common clear goal. And with this I do not mean that the game ended up looking bad, because I was surprised over how well it ended up with having so little to start out with. I´m just saying that in this case it would have been even better with the correct guidance/goal.



The big win in this for me is all the lovely thoughts and the great feedback that we got from people during the exhibition. I was all warm inside when people told me that they liked my presentation and the concept. This is fuel to continue with new energy and wisdom! The only thing that was hard during this showcase was that we could not show the vision through the game that we had. The goal was clear but the game was created by all of us while learning what we were doing and how to do it during the process. So this is what we have to show for our first wiggly steps into the 3D-game making. It is was it is but the most important thing is what we took away from this experience. We will have our first meet up tomorrow to see what everyone’s thoughts on the project is and how they feel about continuing.


I will try to create a real game dev blog if (when) the project is continued. Now I have to go and write my real rapport so if you excuse me. Thank you for reading and I will naturally leave a download link for the demo that we showcased at GGC for everyone that didn’t have a chance to test it out. Hope you can see some of our vision in it and stay around to see the future development. (please note that you have to have an Xbox controller plugged in to your PC to be able to play this version)



Thank you for reading and I´ll see you around! Best regards,


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