Still here!

Hello superheroes /super villains and elves and all of you out there.

I am sorry for not being so active here right now, but believe me, I am still working as hard as ever to make the world better and more equal with games! (suck on that villains) As in right now me and a classmate, the perfect duo I might add ;P, are creating a game for visually impaired/ blind. We have a course named game design in practice, where we are supposed to develop and release a game within 20 weeks. If I´m not wrong, 3 of those have passed soon. So, I’ve always wanted to make a game for blind people since they get seriously neglected in the game industry. Games are for everyone, and of course a blind person would love games as much as a person blessed with vision! Therefore I am writing a development blog for that game / course, which is;

If you are interested in that project, please follow that blog too. (It kind of feels more worth writing if you know someone at least is reading it right?). You might even get the luxury of sitting there safely reading while we have to figure out how a Macbook works and how to develop the game for IOS as we want the game to be reached by as many as possible. I have learned that the first thing people without vision gets recommended when it comes to phones and computers is mac. Which then makes sense that most of our target audience would have. Well, that’s it for now folks! Stay tuned 🙂


(image borrowed from google)

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