Wow, a lot of things have happened since I last wrote here but I figured that I might as well keep on writing. Writing is always a good thing to keep up. So, what’s new is that I am no longer working with Penny’s farm. I started to learn how to program with C# and, to work on my own project while I have an extra job on the side to retain some income during the summer. I may also have some exciting stuff going on in the future but as it is only a thing up in the air right now I will save that news for later.

I thought I should start by sharing some of my programming and my journey during my own project. To start of small I would like to tell you the history of programming, especially C#. I find it much easier and fun to understand something if I know the background as it explains a lot.


The history of programming in short

In the 1600’s a guy named Blaise Pascal invented a machine that could count. Then another guy named Charles Babbage (don’t worry, I can’t pronounce it either)  invented what could be called the first computer machine. The machine was completely mechanical, meaning it had no electricity. You could “program” on it by using punch cards, paper with holes in it. Ada Lovelace is said to be the first programmer since she wrote a program for Babbage’s machine. This is the truth with some modifications.

Bildresultat för babbage machine
Babbages machine










Already in the 50’s they started to think that binary coding was to hard. They, therefore, translated it into common English. That language is called Assembler. Compared to modern programming languages Assembler is still very difficult. It is only used on certain occasions.

The precursor to C#, named C, was developed in the 70’s by two guys working at Bell Laboratories. In the 80’s the idea of having the programming language object orientated arose as this was thought to be even better. That is when a new guy named Bjarne Stroustrup developed C++, which is a nerdy joke as ++ means “increase value by 1” in programming language.

Java arrived in 1995, and in 1996 an Anders Hejlsberg was hired by Microsoft and led the development of C#, which was launched in 2000. C# has borrowed a lot from C++ and ASP, which does not have much in common. Since the development of .NET (a development environment that uses CLI), Mircosoft created something called CLI, Common Language Infrastructure. The idea was to link all the tools together via CLI. In.NET there is something called ASP.NET. It is a development environment for websites.


There! Now you know much more about the history of programming too. Interesting, right? ;D In my next post I can show you how to do the first thing most programmers learned. A “Hello world” program. Until then, have a great one!

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