Morning time has gold in the mouth as we say in Swedish

Good morning!

Today I will try to get some work done as well as some of the summer course I’m taking. I also got some help with my own little project yesterday so I am finally getting somewhere with that as well.

My project

a little room with a blob that looks like a bunny. there is a round bed and a colorful carpet
Placeholder 3D for the game

So let me tell you a bit about my personal project that I am working on! I am so excited, both because of the fact that I am learning so much as well as I am psyched about the little concept. For now, I call the project PocketPets because that is basically what it is.

The main idea is to have people connecting and give them the opportunity to be nice to a stranger through the game. PocketPets is a game for mobile phones where you take care of your own little pet. It gets a room in your phone that you can decorate in any way you like. You earn more decorations and gizmos by doing simple tasks or being nice to someone else. The way you can do that is by taking care of someone else’s pet since you will be able to send your pet on vacation to someone other peoples phone. If they choose to accept, your pet will live with them for the set time of period you chose for their vacation. The temporary caretaker can choose to send some nice stuff back to you with your pet. All the pets require different kinds of care just like real animals. Some will need more exercise and some will need more food etcetera, depending on the breed. The animals will be a mixture of fantasy and real animals. Otherwise, the game is just meant to be relaxing, cute and somewhat idle to not take too much time or attention. Just giving you a few simple tasks to do every day.

This is just my first ideas for the project and it will probably come to change a few times along the way. It is all about learning and exploring features in my own game design challenge. The idea came to me as I thought of how sometimes people made a cute thing when finding a lost toy on their travels or such. As shown in this video for example;

They give the toy a life and a story to bring home to the poor kid that lost it. I find that to be soo nice and its almost like it brings a little magic into the world. So that became my main inspiration.

Getting started on the project

The first thing I did was to document some of the ideas while they were fresh. Then I started to create some content to have something visual to work with, nothing fancy but it is all I need for now. I created the scene in Unity and decided to start by getting a simple menu to work. Since I am new to programming things move slow but that is fine.

I worked with the canvas in unity and put the 2D menu image there. I animated the menu slide in the unity animator. Its simply two states where one is where the menu is slid out and the other one is where it is mostly outside of the canvas.


The menu now has a trigger condition and toggle instead of a button that checks if the menu is being pressed or not. The Toggle control is a checkbox that allows the user to switch an option on or off. In this case, if the menu is out or not. I think I will give the menu some options in my next step. For example, a food button for the pet and have the pet play an animation when it is being fed.

My other struggle has been to get the unity remote to work. I had to download Android Studio and enable developer options on my phone to be able to run USB-debug mode. Thankfully I have amazing friends to help out when I am in need of help.


I better get to work! Until next time! 🙂

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